ACE Technologies is a conglomerate of top companies representing Engineering Technology, Theme Park Concept & Development and Museum Design industries from the U.S.A. The super talent and skills emerging from such a configuration is unprecedented.

Our CEO, has brought together his global business development experience and the talent of theme park developers and museum designers to offer a unique service to the corporate and progressive-minded businesses across the globe.

This unique idea is based upon the fact that majority of such companies are missing out significantly on sending out messages to the next generation by not embedding their brand names into the minds of their future clients and customers.

As per research, interactive marketing towards the tender aged audience does wonders in terms of 'sticking' their names in their minds at an early stage.

Through school trips and assistance from visitor’s bureaus, these centers could bring unparalleled benefits to the company's future in today's competitive markets.

Mr. Khan’s advisory and consulting services coupled by extensive global market research and cross-industrial knowledge involving theme park designing, marketing and feasibility studies in industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage manufacturing, textile and more have led him towards sculpturing of this unique business model.

Note by the CEO & Background

Large corporations have come a long way in terms of evolution, technology, ingenious innovation and invention.

Being an experienced executive and the owner of a large family-owned business with global presence, I strongly feel that most of the corporations are not doing justice to themselves in sharing their achievements widely enough with the World. Neither are they at all doing enough to ‘pre-capture’ the future target market consisting of students and youngsters. The other group includes the tourists and general visitors.

Through subsidized school day trips and, in the other case,  channeled through aggressive marketing and visitor’s bureaus, for example, the corporate theme centers or facilities boasting the corporation’s achievements and supremacy, can do wonders for themselves in the short and the long terms.

In both cases, the hospitality extended, the interactive involvement and ‘fun-filled’ time at the facility will embed the experience into the minds of the guests who will subconsciously carry ‘brand-loyalty’ traits with them linked to the host, its name, products and warmth.

​ - Shahed Khan

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